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The Boyd Haddad are actually two separate competitions played on the same day between eight clubs in the East Kootenays. The golf clubs involved are Fernie, Cranbrook, Kimberley, Creston, Balfour, Nelson, Castlegar and Trail. Each club sends 16 players (8 for the Boyd and 8 for the Haddad). Each competition is two man best ball and the eight clubs involved rotate hosting the event. The Boyd is a gross score competition while the Haddad is net score.

Qualification Procedure for the Boyd

The eight man Boyd team is filled in two ways:

  1. Five of the eight places shall be filled by the club members who have the lowest gross scores in the Club Championship competition. Further, these members must have indicated on their application to the Club Championship that they are willing to have their names brought forward to play on the Boyd Haddad Teams if they win a position. Ties, should they occur, will be broken by retrogression count back; and,

  2. The Club Captain shall select the last three members of the Boyd Team in consultation with the Club Professional. The Club Captain's selection must be members of the Creston Golf Club or its Professional staff. The Club Captain's decisions shall be final.

Note: Any of the positions on the Boyd Team, by either of the methods of selection mentioned above that become vacant for any reason, shall be filled by the Club Captain in consultation with the Club Professional.

Qualification Procedure for the Haddad

The eight places on the Haddad Team shall be filled by the eight low net scores achieved in the Club Championship competition who did not win a placement on the Boyd Team because of their gross scores. They must also indicate on their applications for the Club Championship that they are willing to compete on the Boyd Haddad Teams if they win a position.

If for any reason on or more of the persons originally selected to the Haddad Team cannot attend, the ninth and subsequent placements in the Club Championship shall determine the selection(s) if the other criteria have been met.

In the event that there are not eight people who meet the criteria outlined above, the Club Captain, in consultation with the Club Professional, shall select Club members to the team.

Rational for Selection Process

These competitions are largely financed by revenues set aside from Men's Day fees. Men's Day members who make these contributions should therefore make up the major component of the two teams. The Club Captains selection to the Boyd are designed to ensure at least two things. First, that our clubs best golfers are not left off the team if they happened not to be in a position to play in the Wednesday Men's Day competitions, and second, it has become tradition that each club brings a member of its professional staff and its Club Captain. Both these issues are resolved by giving the Club Captain three picks.

The Club Professional should be consulted in all cases where the Club Captain is required to make the selection because it is reasonable to assume that the Club Professional has a better and broader view of the total membership and their abilities than does the Club Captain alone. The Captain has the final say.

Finally, when people register for the Club Championship they should be made aware and asked to indicate their interest in having themselves placed on the Boyd Haddad Teams if they meet the criteria. His should stimulate interest in both competitions and ensure that the low gross and low net players selected are in fact interested.